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“I Promise to Fight for You!”

Ken Hulme - 700 Club International Managing Director

When Yanusman sent his son off to school each morning, he knew what the boy would face.

“I worried because people mocked him,” Muda’s father told us.  “Muda told me the kids would say, ‘look, here comes split lips!’  They also made fun of the way he spoke.”

Muda is the only child in his school who has ever had a cleft lip.  

“I always wanted to get my lip fixed,” Muda told us.

Muda is a brave little boy, and he knows that staying in school is vital to his future, no matter how he looks or how the cleft lip affects his speech.  

“I love learning and language, but I want to speak clearly,” Muda said to us.  “I even want to speak in front of other people some day!”

In Indonesia, cleft lip surgeries usually cost around $1,500.  But even with both parents working, Muda’s family only earned about $7 a day.  

“I had made him a promise, and I was fighting for him,” his father told us. “So I went looking for help.”

Then, one day, Yanusman was listening to the radio when he heard something that caught his ear.

“I heard that CBN was doing cleft lip surgeries for free!  All I had to do was sign Muda up!”

So Yanusman brought his son to the hospital and CBN set up the surgery for them.  Today, Yanusman can’t believe the changes he has seen in his son.

“Before, Muda was shy and didn’t want to go outside to play,” said Yanusman.  “But now, he is excited to show his friends his new lip.  He smiles all the time.  I am so grateful!”

“My dad says I look handsome,” Muda told us.  “I’m not ashamed anymore, and I have lots of friends.  Thank you so much CBN!”

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