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Finding Hope after Bankruptcy

Debbie White - 700 Club Producer

Jerry and Glenda Fleming are enjoying their retirement years in East Texas. But years ago, things got tough when their fuel-distribution company went bankrupt. Several lean years followed.

“We had two girls in a Christian college, “ Jerry explains, “had no money at all, and yet we were living on credit cards and had run up thousands of dollars in credit cards.  It was just trusting the Lord that He would provide the next step.”

Jerry started his career as an oil field engineer, then worked as a church education minister, and later, a pastor. Over the years, the Flemings chipped away at their debt until it was gone.  Later, Glenda became an avid viewer of The 700 Club, and decided she wanted to support CBN as well.

“Jerry got home that day and I said, ‘I think we need to start giving to the 700 Club,” Glenda remembers.  “I had just watched all they do for people and it was just amazing.”

“She convinced me and all she had to say is, ‘Let's give,’ and I said, ‘That's fine,’" Jerry says.  

The couple had planned to retire in 2007 until Jerry was offered a job teaching oil field safety classes for twice his previous salary. In a few years, another company hired him, and his income doubled again. That allowed the Flemings to give even more.

“I don't think I have ever given anything to get something back,” Jerry explains.  “I've really thought about that. But as God blessed me, then I would bless others.”

The couple continued blessing others through CBN and are now members of the Founders Club. They cite a number of reasons:

“I love Helping the Home Front,” Glenda is quick to say.  “Jerry was in the Army, so I just think it's so neat that we help people who have served our country.”

He adds, “I appreciate so many aspects of The 700 Club. When we see wells being dug, when we see people being given things to maybe start a little business or something like that.”

“Orphans Promise - oh I just think they do it right!” Glenda offers enthusiastically.  “They help people who can't afford to raise their children, but we help them to keep their children rather than having to put them in orphanages.”

“And so we just found that as God blessed us and we gave, then for some reason He would just give us more,” concludes Jerry.  “If He blesses you, then you're going to want to bless others.

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