Tasha Cobbs: The Music and Minstry of Grace

Tasha grew up in Jesup, Georgia in a home surrounded by music, "I've been singing all of my life," shares Tasha. "On my mother's side of the family we all sing – all my cousins and all my aunts. On Christmas and the holidays, everybody gathers together, and we all sing. It's just part of my life." The only daughter of Bishop Fritz and First Lady Bertha Cobbs, Tasha made the transition from church member to pastor's kid when she was ten years old. That year her father took a leap of faith and left the church her family attended to start Jesup New Life Ministries. The move launched her family to the forefront of church ministry and set Tasha on her own, unique public ministry. For eight years, she ran the family's music ministry at her father's church and was able to develop her gifts as a songwriter and psalmist to become a nationally recognized minister.

After years of successful music ministry, in 2013 Tasha's breakout project "Grace" was nominated for several awards – the Stellars, the Doves, and a Grammy. This development delighted her father whose voice is heard happily introducing her on the CD. But sadly, just days after Tasha won three Stellar Awards for, "Grace" she was mourning the sudden loss of her father. He died on January 19, 2014. Bishop Cobbs and her mom Lady Bertha Cobbs had traveled to see Tasha win the Stellar Awards. His presence at the awards night was especially significant to Tasha because he had to take time away from his congregation to be there for her, but it showed Tasha how proud he was of her accomplishments. She says the week her father died is "a week of my life I will never forget." She won the Stellar awards, her father passed away and seven days later she won a Grammy. "It was a bittersweet moment." She says her dad's passing was very difficult, but she has experienced peace which surpasses all understanding. Bishop Cobbs use to always tell Tasha to "stay at the feet of Jesus." She has followed his advice. Tasha says her family continues to remain close and draws strength from the Lord and from one another. "The joy of the Lord has really over shadowed me and that's what my father taught me," reveals Tasha.

In 2010, Tasha decided to do something about her weight. "The thing with weight loss is that you have to decide that you want to live," says Tasha. "Your health and your livelihood have to be the focus. She was active for most of her life, but during college she began to put on weight. Once when she and her cousin were walking through the mall she had to stop so she could catch her breath. Tasha says that was a reality check for her. She realized that being overweight meant she was not taking care of her body. As a worship leader, Tasha did not want be a hypocrite. She wanted to treat her body as a holy temple. So, she prayed about it for a couple of days and decided to proceed with a weight loss procedure. "I know this subject is taboo in the church community because we don't want to talk about it and everybody looks down on it, but I have suffered with weight all my life," shares Tasha. She says God has given us the Holy Spirit as an aid to help us live holy. The Holy Spirit is not a crutch; He's there to help you. Tasha says God spoke to her and said, "If you need an aid to help you do this, then get an aid!" So she did. Tasha realizes the surgery is not a quick fix. She works hard to eat right and exercises on a regular basis.

In 2006, Tasha relocated to Atlanta where she began touring America with recording artist and pastor William H. Murphy III and his Dream Center Church. She serves as Worship Pastor and oversees four ministry departments connected to the arts, including worship, dance and drama. She also serves as the Worship Leader for the Young Adult Division of the Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship where she leads congregations into worship and trains fellow worship leaders in the development of their craft.

She launched her solo career in 2010 with her album, "Smile" on her own label Tasha Cobbs Ministries. Her latest CD "Grace" is her sophomore album released in 2013 via Motown Gospel/EMI Gospel. The CD was produced by multi-award winning artist and producer VaShawn Mitchell. The album is a compilation of worship songs where every worshiper can find something that will lead them into the presence of God. Tasha chose material of personal significance to her as well as songs she wrote on the recording. "The first time I heard 'Break Every Chain' I listened to it all night long," she recalls. "I have ministered it at my church a few times, and it always has the same affect – chains are broken. I have messages on Facebook and Twitter from people who have been freed as a result of the song. It releases freedom." Despite the attention Tasha has gained throughout the gospel industry she says her goal remains clear: "I know my assignment as a worship leader is to, without fail, lead God's people into His presence. A national platform only gives me a greater opportunity to fulfill that purpose."