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"Aren't You Sorry He Was Born?"

Ken Hulme - 700 Club International Managing Director

Lilis and Uci brought their baby son to this hospital in Indonesia hoping he would receive free cleft palate surgery.  The clinic had been set up by CBN.   Until that morning they had never known anyone who had undergone this type of operation.        
“The thought of Dias having surgery scared me,” recalls Uci, the baby’s father. “I was worried what he would look like when it was done.”        
For 2 years the couple had tried to have a baby.  They were heartbroken when they saw  their son’s condition at birth, but they were even more disturbed by what their neighbors said.   
“When they saw my son’s lip they said, ‘Aren’t you sorry this baby was born?’ I couldn’t stop crying.  So I kept Dias inside the house, said Lillis, the boy’s mother.”
Uci sells school supplies by motorcycle, which barely provides food for the family.  He feared for his son’s future.
“When he got older I knew that he would be laughed at and mocked by people.  It was so painful.”    

That day at the hospital the couple received good news.  CBN would provide free surgery for their son.  Baby Dias was soon taken back to the operation room where a surgeon repaired his cleft lip.         
Today Dias is now the talk of his village, for all the right reasons!
“My son is so handsome!,” says Uci.  “I think he has a bright future. That makes me very happy.”

“I’m so grateful to CBN for helping our son! I thank you from the bottom of my heart,” added Lillis.

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