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The Brody File 12/08/11

Turn it Over to Jesus

by M. Sellers
Guest Writer

Trust in the Lord with all your heart; do not depend on your own understanding. ~ Proverbs 3:5, NLT

I read a story the other day about a man who owned a Model T Ford that broke down on the side of a road.  Now this man knew a lot about cars and specifically this car, so he went to work.  He tried different things and each time he went back to try and crank the engine, it still wouldn't start.  Now, like a lot of us guys, he was a little stubborn, so rather than call for help, he continued to work.  He tried different things and still nothing.  The car just wouldn't start. 

A few minutes later a large limousine pulled up beside him.  Out stepped an old man who just stood and watched him for a few minutes.  Finally the old man looked at him and told the younger guy to adjust a specific part on the engine. 

The guy figured he tried most other things so he might as well give this a shot even though there was no way this old guy could know more about this car than him.  So he adjusted the part, got in the car and sure enough, the engine cranked to life.  He was surprised and asked the old man, "How did you know what to do?"  The old man said, "My name is Henry Ford and I invented this car."

When my life broke down, I also thought I knew how to fix everything. I didn't need any help.  When I was 11, I was hanging around with friends and we knew how to be cool, how to fix things, so we picked up our first cigarettes.  I was hooked.  When my Mom got sick I was 13, (she died when I was 16) I thought I'd fix that by turning to drinking and to drugs.  It worked until the alcohol and the drugs were gone.

Finally, when I was going through my second divorce, looking at a life I would spend alone, I turned to Him.  I turned to Christ and I asked Him to help me.

Christ knew how to fix me and suddenly I was up and running again.  Now things weren't perfect right away and they still aren't. But each day He fixes me a little bit more.  Each day, I worry less about breaking down and not being able to start.  I know He is with me and He will help keep me. 

Henry Ford knew how to fix the Model T Ford because he created it.  And God knows how to fix you and me because we are His creation.  He has been with us from the beginning and He knows how to fix each of us. 

So today it's time to turn everything over to Christ.  Sometimes we just turn the big stuff over and we begin to break down.  It's time to turn it all over.  Christ created me. He created you. So, when life gets tough -- when you begin to struggle or feel broken, turn to Him.  Turn to Christ, He can fix you.  He created us and He knows exactly what we need.

What are you willing to turn over to Christ today? He stands at the door of your heart and knocks. He's always been there and always will be.

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