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President's Pastor-in-Chief Moves On

The head of President Obama's Office of Faith-based and Neighborhood Partnerships is moving on. Joshua DuBois has held the position since the beginning of President Obama's first term. He was just 26 years old when he took the job.

DuBois is leaving on his own, the president had made it clear he wishes he'd stay.

"Before I begin, I hope people don't mind me taking a moment of personal privilege,"the president said at the National Prayer Breakfast Thursday.

"I want to say a quick word about a close friend of mine and yours, Joshua Dubois. Now, some of you may not know Joshua, but Joshua has been at my side -- in work and in prayer -- for years now. He is a young reverend, but wise in years. He's worked on my staff. He's done an outstanding job as the head of our Faith-Based office.

"Every morning he sends me via email a daily meditation -- a snippet of Scripture for me to reflect on. And it has meant the world to me. And despite my pleas, tomorrow will be his last day in the White House. So this morning I want to publicly thank Joshua for all that he's done, and I know that everybody joins me in wishing him all the best in his future endeavors -- including getting married. (Applause.)"

DuBois is generally well liked in Washington, known for his kindness and professionalism. Beltway Buzz is interviewing DuBois next week. Standby for his thoughts on four years inside the Executive Branch and his service as a spiritual advisor to President Obama.

Meanwhile, Beltway Buzz's colleague, The Brody File, interviewed DuBois in 2009. Watch Brody’s story of how DuBois found Jesus and why he became a political activist.