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President Obama Prays for Rev. Billy Graham

President Obama was vacationing with his family in North Carolina when Joshua Dubois received word that the president wanted to make an unscheduled trip. He wanted to visit the Rev. Billy Graham at his home in the Tar Heel State.

DuBois was serving as head of the White House Office of Faith Based and Neighborhood Partnerships. He made a few calls, set up the meeting and boarded a plan to North Carolina.

The Rev. Billy Graham has visited many presidents in the White House, but a president had never visited the legendary reverend at his home.

That meeting, DuBois says, is one of his most remarkable memories of his time serving in the Obama Administration. Here's what happened (full transcription below).

DUBOIS: So I flew down and took the presidential motorcade up a mountain that is not built to handle a presidential motorcade and then we just had the most amazing hour with this powerful, yet gentle man in Billy Graham and I'll never forget the truth and the words that Rev. Graham spoke into the president and into this country and then one of my favorite parts of it - Mr. Graham towards the end of the meeting, as he often does, started praying for President Obama.

When he wrapped up we weren't sure what to do next and President Obama started praying for Rev. Graham which was just an amazing moment to have the President of the United States in a spirit of humility just say, you know, I want to offer a prayer for this man who's prayed for so many. So sitting there, being right next to that as it was happening was just an amazing blessing for me and I'll never forget it.