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President Obama is working hard to appear focused on any and everything other than the scandals that have plagued his administration this week. Sexual assaults in the military, violence in Syria, and the still sluggish U.S. economy are all preferred focuses next to the Department of Justice's Associated Press probe, Benghazi, and the IRS witch hunt against conservative groups.

The White House has taken one hit after another and has been forced to play defense. Rain falling on the president's Rose Garden press conference with Turkish Prime Minister Erdogen Thursday served as optical icing on the cake.

Obama Rose Garden Rain

Part of the president's problem is he's appeared to be a spectator to the scandals coming out of his administration. He claims to have learned about certain things in the news "just like everyone else."

That in itself is a problem. Most Americans want their commander-in-chief to know about the things going on in his house before it's printed the next day in the newspaper (and I say paper because the president reportedly rarely watches TV news).

On the IRS scandal, Mr. Obama says he's "outraged," but it's hard to believe. Outrage isn't B.O.'s M.O. He's steady, patient, focused on the ultimate goal. Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank this week referred to him as the "uninterested president," a title that seems to fit.