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Another Blow to Obamacare's Birth Control Mandate

Craft chain Hobby Lobby has been granted a temporary exemption from the HHS birth control mandate under Obamacare. The preliminary injunction came Friday from a federal judge.

It's the second victory for the Christian family owned business after the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled Hobby Lobby can exercise religion under the First Amendment.

In its opinion the court said, "there is a substantial public interest in ensuring that no individual or corporation has their legs cut out from under them while these difficult issues are resolved."

After the ruling, Kyle Duncan, general counsel for the Becket Fund said, "The tide has turned against the HHS mandate."

Hobby Lobby's owners and the Mardel Christian Bookstore chain argue that the mandate to provide its employees with the morning after pill violates their conscience.

In a recent interview with Beltway Buzz, Hobby Lobby CEO Steve Green said he never thought he'd have to sue the federal government to run his family business according to his conscience.

"We love this country and the freedoms it stands for and would never have imagined that we'd be in a position where we would be required to do something that violates our conscience," he said.

Green has received recognition for his courage in standing up for his Christian beliefs, but he says there was no other choice.

"We were just wanting to run our business and do what we do best, but it was a fight that, in essence, came to us and we felt like we had to do what we have done and so, not that we were looking for it, but it's one of those that we just feel like God - whatever He intends to do with it we want to honor him in all that we do and know that, in the end, we are in good hands whatever the outcome is," he said.

There are now more than 60 separate lawsuits challenging the HHS birth control mandate.