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Summer Vacay Puts Washington Politicians in the Hot Seat

Considering everything -- from the 113th Congress's unfinished business on immigration reform, exempting itself from Obamacare, to being dubbed the least productive Congress in history -- it's no wonder 8 in 10 Americans say lawmakers don't deserve their summer vacation, conveniently called "Constituent Work" period, according to the official House and Senate calendars.

Well, it already appears Washington politicians are in for a long, hot summer. Confrontations between constituents and their lawmakers have gone viral. And the Tea Party plans to hit Republicans hard on Obamacare, urging them to defund it before the program's scheduled launch date, Oct. 1. Conservative activists are even calling for a complete government shut down to make their point loud and clear.

But Republicans are getting hammered on both sides.

Progressive groups also are turning up the heat, with planned protests at GOP-scheduled events in support of the president's signature domestic legislation.

It will be interesting to see exactly which issue the GOP-controlled House will first take up when they return. Will they immediately pivot toward another round of bills to defund Obamacare (which they did immediately before the break), or will they channel their focus towards comprehensive immigration reform? Much of that depends on how the rest of the summer plays out.