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Shining the Light of His Glory

A lot of people probably would jump at the chance to attend an event like the Congressional Correspondents' (RTCA) Dinner in Washington.

It's an opportunity to hob nob with nation's political and media elite and watch a Hollywood headliner poke fun of politics in DC, which honestly isn't too hard to do these days.

As a member of the RTCA, CBN News attends and invites guests to the annual event trying to remember Matthew 5:16: "Let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in Heaven."

Our guests this year were David and Jason Benham, twin brothers and business partners who were thrust into the headlines last month after their reality show was canceled because of their Biblically-held beliefs on marriage and abortion.

They've been pilloried, mocked, and lambasted for not backing down, and some have even accused them of simply attempting to soak up the media spotlight in an attempt to exhaust every ounce of their fifteen minutes of fame. But they've handled the attacks with grace, dignity, and integrity.

When the invitation was extended, the Benham brothers did not immediately jump at the offer.

Instead, they said they were waiting to see what God wanted them to do next and acknowledged opportunities like the dinner give them pause.

When they asked for feedback, I shared Matthew 5:16 and suggested that they'd likely meet a few of the people who interviewed them by satellite during the media fallout. It would give people a chance to see for themselves they're nothing more than two decent guys who love God, their families, and their country -- and, contrary to how they've been depicted by the media and leftist websites, they harbor no hatred for anyone.

Well wouldn't you know, one of the first people they met was a woman who had interviewed them by satellite. She introduced herself, and within minutes they became fast friends.

Watch the video below to see what they had to say about Christian persecution and being a bold witness for Christ.