'Circle of Protection' Prays for President Obama

'Circle of Protection' Prays for President Obama


President Obama's "Circle of Protection" met with him at the White House today. The "Circle" is made of prominent pastors from the Washington, D.C., area and across the country.

The group discussed the spending issues being considered by the president and Congress, alongside a deal to increase the nation's borrowing power. At least some members of the "Circle" are concerned about cuts in programs that benefit the poor.

Rev. Samuel Rodriguez, president of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference, is a member of the "Circle." He tells Beltway Buzz that all Christians have a duty to pray for the president. (Scroll down to read a transcript of his comments).

"Regardless of where we stand politically, the fact of the matter is that we are called by God to pray, to intercede for those who are in power, those who are in government. We have that admonition on behalf of the Lord throughout Scripture: Old and New Testament.

So it is the responsibility for every Bible believing Christian to pray for our leadership, to pray for the president of the United States to pray for members of the House and the Senate, for our governors, for all of our elected officials.

"We need the wisdom of God, we need the guidance of the Holy Spirit to inundate the political corridors in order to make sure that what is good, that at the end of the day we do justice, we love mercy, we walk humbly before God, to make sure that Luke 4 and Isaiah 61 and Matthew 25 and John 3:16 all come to pass.

In order to fulfill the great commission we need to pray for leaders that understand that religious liberty is the strongest asset that we have in our nation. So we must pray.

"We don't have to agree with them to pray for them and that's what every Christian should understand. You don't have to agree for your political leader in order to pray for your political leader and the prayer should not be 'Lord kill them' or 'Lord, take care of them or remove them', the prayer should be for wisdom and guidance and protection and for the Spirit of God to touch them as they make the decisions that will change this nation forevermore."

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