Perry, Huntsman: 'There's Just a Connection There'

Perry, Huntsman: 'There's Just a Connection There'


Life on the campaign trail is grueling for the candidates and can be a logistical nightmare for their spouses. Beltway Buzz recently sat down with several wives of the GOP candidates for president to talk about life on the trail, their faith, and their husbands.

We learned that some of the spouses gain strength and encouragement from a place you might not expect - each other.

Watch Mary Kaye Huntsman and Anita Perry talk about their friendship that's grown even deeper on the campaign trail.

Mary Kaye Huntsman: We just connected spiritually from the minute we met. You know, sometimes you find a friend and there's just a connection there, a chemistry of affection and a friendship that was from day one. She's a beautiful, lovely woman inside and out and we started in this process. We'll email each other about our roller coaster cars and we've had more fun because we need that strength because we understand what one another are going through.

We don't talk about policy. I never know what Rick us up to and she doesn't know what Jon is up to and we keep it that way. It's more about how we're feeling inside and what we need that day and it's more about - we talk about the spiritual side and the centering and being balanced and we'll help each other. Sometimes we'll send a quote back and forth or we'll say our cars down today, where's your car today? And we have fun.

Jennifer Wishon: Tell me about your friendship with Mary Kaye and how that maybe has helped you get through all of this.

Anita Perry: I think there are people that you're immediately drawn to. Mary Kaye and I have known each other for several years through the Republican Governor's Association. We both love our husbands, we're huge supporters of them, we have children who are involved and she's a wonderful, strong principled woman who believes in her husband and believes in her country and so do I.

But we, we've gotten a little bit deeper in our friendship, we're better friends now, we'll be better friends once this is over.

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