Callista Gingrich: 'I pray God gives him strength'

Callista Gingrich: 'I pray God gives him strength'


Callista Gingrich says she's always been a very spiritual person and that when greater challenges are put before her she becomes even more spiritual. Her husband, Newt, continues to soar in the polls and with his success comes greater scrutiny of his record and personal life.

In other words, the couple is weathering the first winds of a nor'easter!

Callista says she starts each day with prayer, prays throughout the day and at the end of the day because she's "grateful for the many blessings that God has bestowed upon [her] and the many opportunities he has given [her]."

In our exclusive interview, Beltway Buzz asked Callista how she prays for her husband. Watch her answer.

Callista Gingrich: I pray that God gives him the strength, the physical strength to keep up with the presidential campaign, as you know the hours are long, the days are long, he's on the road seven days a week for the most part.

I join him often on the road, but I'm also running our company, Gingrich Productions right now so I can't always be there with him.

We do enjoy being together on the campaign trail so I pray that God gives him the guidance and the strength to be the best person he can be on this campaign.

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