Gingrich: 'I'm humbled.' Romney: 'He's a nice guy'

Gingrich: 'I'm humbled.' Romney: 'He's a nice guy'


Texas Gov. Rick Perry today finalized the inevitable and got out of the race for president of the United States. He's throwing his support behind former Speaker Newt Gingrich, who, according to the latest polls, has the best chance of beating Romney in South Carolina, Saturday.

In a statement Gingrich says, "I am humbled and honored to have the support of my friend Rick Perry." See Gingrich's full statement below.

Meanwhile former Gov. Mitt Romney's first campaign event of the day looked like an episode of "Dancing with the Stars." South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley, Former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty and Ohio Sen. Rob Portman all joined Romney on stage.

Romney sang "Happy Birthday" to Gov. Haley who is turning 40. The gesture was nice, but Beltway Buzz recommends Romney stick to politics. When asked by reporters what he thinks about Perry getting out of the race, Romney said, "He's a nice guy."

Gingrich Statement on Governor Perry Endorsement

BEAUFORT, S.C. - Newt Gingrich released the following statement responding to Governor Rick Perry's suspension of his campaign and endorsement of Gingrich and withdrawal from the race.

“I am humbled and honored to have the support of my friend Rick Perry. His selflessness is yet another demonstration of his deep sense of citizenship and commitment to the cause of limited government, historic American values and greater freedom for every American.

“Governor Perry will continue to be a leader for the cause of conservatism, especially for more American energy and for implementing the 10th Amendment across the country.

“South Carolinians have a chance this Saturday to nominate a bold Reagan conservative who will offer a dramatic contrast with President Obama this fall in the general election.

“I ask the supporters of Governor Perry to look at my record of balancing the budget, cutting spending, reforming welfare, and enacting pro-growth policies to create millions of new jobs and humbly ask for their vote.”

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