Young Voters Wary of Mormon President

Young Voters Wary of Mormon President


They're part of the most diverse generation America has ever birthed, but Millennials have reservations about having a Mormon president.

Less than half, 44 percent, of voters aged 18-25 say they're comfortable with a Mormon president. The numbers go down for Athiests (43%) and Muslims (30%). Sixty-one percent say they're comfortable with an evangelical Christian in the White House.

White Millennials (50%) are more comfortable having a Mormon president than black (33%) and Hispanic (27%) Millennials.

The numbers come from a survey conducted by the Public Religion Research Institute and the Berkley Center at Georgetown University.

The big question is will Millennials show up at the polls next month? Sixty-six percent say they are registered, half of those say they're definitely planning to vote.

The survey finds President Obama holds a commanding 16 point lead over Gov. Romney (55% to 39%) among Millennials, but he's lost his luster with young people. Four years ago the president was polling at 66 percent.

And something for parents to revel in, the survey finds moms and dads can have a profound impact on their children when it comes to politics. Eighty-four percent of Millennials whose parents took them to the voting booth on Election Day as children are registered to vote; 66 percent of them are certain they'll vote next month.

Meanwhile, Millennials with two parents supporting the same candidate tend to mirror the choice of their parents.

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