What to Expect from President Trump on Day 1

What to Expect from President Trump on Day 1


What will President-elect Donald Trump do on Day 1 of his presidency?

He's offering some clues. In a video just released, Trump says he's working on identifying executive actions he can take on his first day in office "to restore our laws and bring back our jobs."

Day 1:

-Withdraw from the Trans-Pacific Partnership aka TPP

-Cancel restrictions on production of American energy including shale and clean coal

-Create new rule: for every new regulation, two old regulations must be eliminated

-Ask DOD and Chairman of Joint Chiefs to create a plan to protect America from cyber and other attacks 

-Direct Labor Dept. to investigate abuses of visa programs 

-Impose ethics reform on government workers becoming lobbyists. 

"My agenda will be based on a simple core principle, putting America first," he says.

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