Trump Pledges to 'Improve Conditions for African Americans'

Trump Pledges to 'Improve Conditions for African Americans'


President Donald Trump today meets with the executive committiee of the Congressional Black Caucus.

Formed in 1971, the caucus is made up of African American members of Congress, mostly Democrats, and advocates a legislative agenda important to black Americans.

Today's meeting started with a number of conversations and a White House meeting between the president and Maryland Congressman Elijah Cummings.
Trump adminitration staff has also been attending caucus meetings and today is the culmination of that.

This follows the president's very public commemoration of Black History Month, meetings with historically black college and university leaders in the oval office- something that had never happened before, and an executive order that moves the federal initiative on historically black colleges and universities or HBCU's from the Department of Education to the White House.

It's a move that offers greater gravitas, but HBCU leaders are still pushing for more money.

In fact, a number of black leaders say the president is too short on details when it comes to issues important to them.

Last month, White House producer Amber C. Strong spoke to Roland Martin of News One Now.

"I've seen nothing on housing crisis where 53% of black wealth was wiped out. I've seen nothing specific when it comes to jobs. He always talked about on the campaign, 'black teens, black young folks don't have jobs' where is your plan? Nothing. I see nothing. So fine he went to the museum {of African American History}. Great. He did a photo-op. It was wonderful. Good. You're there with Ben Carson, Alveda King, Whatever. Whatever dude, I don't care. Where are your policies? That's what's going to speak to African Americans," he told CBN News. 

Items on the agenda for today's meeting include drug prices, HBCU's, education and criminal justice reform.

President Barack Obama said that if he was a good president for all Americans then that would be good for black Americans.

Time will tell if President Trump takes a different approach.

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