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New DHS Office Gives 'VOICE' to Victims of Illegal Immigrant Crimes

The Department of Homeland Security officially opened its office Wednesday to help US citizens who are victims of crimes committed by illegal immigrants. The new office is called VOICE - Victims of Immigration Crime Engagement.

Trump's 'Massive' Tax Cuts Would Mean More Money in Your Pocket

Today, President Trump unveiled his plan for tax reform which includes an increase in deductions & a drop in taxes on business.

Rare Move: 100 Senators Head to White House for Classified Meeting on N Korea

The White House hosted all 100 senators for a classified meeting to talk about North Korea. This comes one day after North Korea fired off its largest artillery drill.

The Intel Proves It: Trump's Airstrike Hit the Right Spot in Syrian Sarin Attack

French intelligence confirms the chemical agent behind 80 deaths in Syria was sarin gas. They also say the strike came from the airbase that President Trump targeted.

Trump DOJ Not Backing Down after Judge Blocks Sanctuary Cities Order

A federal judge in San Francisco has temporarily blocked President Trump's executive order from withholding funds to "sanctuary cities."

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