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Media Bias: More Non-Christians in Power = Less Sexual Harassment of Women? Really?


Watch the full interview with CBN's Mark Martin and media expert Dan Gainor.

Dozens of sexual harassment allegations have recently rocked every influential mountain from Hollywood to Capitol Hill. 

Social pundits gathered at a roundtable on ABC News This Week, where host George Stephanopoulos asked them to weigh in on the sexual harassment issue, when an ABC News correspondent suggested things will not change until there are, among other things, less Christians at the helm.  

According to ABC News Political Analyst Mathew Dowd, there needs to be a shift in power in order to see real change in a culture which objectifies women.

Dowd told Stephanopoulos, "I think we are in a situation where until the power structure in America and the world changes because this is all about power, it won't change until that power structure changes. Until more women, more Non-Whites, more Non-Christians are involved in power in the country, this will not change." 

Dan Gainor of Media Research Center is not surprised by this commentary, calling it infuriating.

"You look across media and they don't see anything wrong with someone saying we need fewer Christians.The Left's idea of diversity is to get rid of anyone they don't agree with. And, the idea of purging Christians out of public society is very popular on the Left," Gainor said.

According to Gainor, in any situation, you should look at character and not a certain gender, faith or sex.

Gainor says the outcry would've been huge if any other groups like Muslims or lesbians were referenced in this way.

Despite his controversial comments, Dowd also told viewers nothing will change regarding sexual harassment until we "believe the women until we stop calling them liars we are not going to get through it." 

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