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'Faith is the Biggest Aspect of Life': Dallas Cowboys Love Football and Jesus


Dallas Cowboys LB Justin March-Lillard, WR Ryan Switzer, and FB Jamize Olawale are making their faith front and center during a series of recent interviews with "Cowboys Cast."

"Cowboys Cast" is a podcast that dives into the experiences of the players on and off the field. 

One theme that's come up repeatedly during the interviews is the players' love for Christ. 

March-Lillard recently appeared on the show and opened up about a video that went viral last year that showed he and several of his teammates being baptized. 

March-Lillard called it a "life-changing experience."

"At that time I was going through a situation in my life, you know, the passing of my little brother," he said. 

His brother passed away suddenly at the age of 23 from natural causes. 

"Having Pastor Evans and my teammates to lean on actually strengthened my faith and made it a more solid foundation than it was prior," March-Lillard said. 

"Faith, for me, is the biggest aspect of life."

Olawale appeared on the show earlier this month and said his goal in life was not to be the best football player, but to emulate Jesus. 

"It's what Christ said during His ministry on the earth: to display God's love and His grace to anybody that I come in contact with," Olawale said. "That's my goal as a human being, whether I'm playing football, whether I'm in the community, whether I'm with my family, is just to live as Christ did and display His love to anybody that I come in contact with."

Switzer also joined his teammates in describing his relationship with Jesus. 

"Oh man, I wouldn't be who I am today or where I am today without my faith and without the relationship I have with Christ," Switzer said. "Ultimately, I think what's helped me is knowing that everything that we have in this lifetime, and in this day and age, is all temporary. With our faith and what we believe, everything that we do now is working towards a bigger goal, and that's eternal life in heaven."

Click below to listen to the show. 



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