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New Pro-Choice Ice Cream: 'How Anyone Can Eat 'Rocky Roe v. Wade' Without Vomiting Is Beyond Me'


An ice cream shop in Oregon wants to support a pro-choice group and its efforts to "protect" Roe v. Wade by selling a custom flavor named "Rocky Roe v. Wade."

What's the Scoop is selling pints of the special ice cream to benefit NARAL Pro-Choice Oregon in its efforts to "defend reproductive freedom," according to a Twitter post by the group. 

Rocky Roe v. Wade and several other flavors are being sold for $9.50 per pint. Half of all the sales will reportedly go to NARAL Pro-Choice Oregon. For those who aren't aware, Roe v. Wade was the Supreme Court ruling that created abortion rights in America.

Rick Moran with American Thinker writes, "There is no more wrenching personal decision a woman can make than the decision to abort her baby. Even most pro-choice advocates recognize this. That so many women come to regret that decision speaks to why so many Americans believe that abortion should be illegal in almost all cases."

"But to NARAL, abortion is an ice cream flavor," he also wrote in his commentary.

NARAL and other pro-choice groups are uniting to fight the US Supreme Court nomination of Brett Kavanaugh because they fear he will help overturn Roe. 

"This is what is really at stake with the Kavanaugh nomination: the virtual end of legislating from the bench," Moran writes.

"If control over abortion rights is returned to the states, NARAL will have to pressure 50 different legislatures to get what it wants," he explained. 

Moran says NARAL's "cavalier attitude" toward abortion isn't surprising. He says it's just a "medical procedure" to them and not the "life-altering" decision it is for many American women. 

"How anyone can eat 'Rocky Roe v. Wade' without vomiting is beyond me," Moran concluded.

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