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Limbless Evangelist Nick Vujicic Preaches at Huge Christian Festival in Idaho 


Evangelist Nick Vujicic was the featured speaker at the 52nd Annual God and Country Festival held in Nampa, Idaho this week.

Thousands of people attended the free event with many sitting in lawn chairs on grounds to hear Vujicic preach in the outdoor Ford Idaho Center.

Vujicic took the opportunity to address teenagers, especially teenage girls who are looking for boyfriends.

"I want to tell you something right now," he told the crowd. "What we're looking for is the truth. And the truth is that we were made and created to love and be loved. But I want you to know as long as you're looking for a boyfriend, girls, you're going to find a boyfriend." 

"You shouldn't be looking for a boyfriend. You should be looking for a man of God who's going to stand by you, and who's going to put you above his needs and God above both of you," Vujicic emphasized as the crowd applauded in agreement.

The evangelist also spoke about how to find happiness in life and how some people wait to be happy because of some condition or change in life. 

"I'm not going to be happy after I get married," Vujicic said. "Oh really?" he asked. "Go talk to some married people, girl. And honey, if you ain't happy being single, you ain't going to be happy being married."

He also talked to young people about understanding the truth about their value.

"I don't care about how you look," Vujicic pointed out.  "You are beautiful just the way you are. You don't need a boyfriend to feel loved."

"I want you to understand your value has nothing to do with money or what job you get," he said. "I want you to understand something. No matter what job you get. No matter what calling you have. No matter what you're good at or you're bad at. You are valuable and there's not another you.  You are beautiful."

Vujicic and his wife recently posted a photo of their new twins on his Facebook page.  The twins were born in December of last year. 

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