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'Awful' Thundersnow Storm Strikes Already Powerless and Frozen Northeast


A late winter storm is wreaking havoc on motorists and commuters in the northeast and many people affected by the storm have already been without electricity for days. 

The nor'easter was the second storm in less than a week. This time, it was no "bomb cyclone," but it caused "thundersnow" – thunder, lightning, and heavy snowfall as it worked its way up the East Coast.
Up to three inches per hour fell knocking out power for many, especially in New York and New Jersey. 

Some people were still without heat and electricity because of last week's storm.
"Folks are frustrated and count me among them. We've got to do a postmortem and figure out how we can still have twenty odd thousand outages and then of course have this hit us," said New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy (D).
In New Rochelle, NY, some people were more than frustrated because they've have been without electricity for five days. Sitting in the dark with a frigid temperature of 41 degrees inside, one resident had questions – and a message – for the power company.
"I want to know why the Con-Ed execs can't prepare for a storm, can't get crews here, and can't bury the lines and I'm offering next time we have one of these storms, all the senior ConEd execs are welcome to stay at my house with no heat or hot water," she said.

"It's been rough, real rough. Dry ice, keep your refrigerators going," said  one man who's been without power since last Friday.
Some people used battery-powered lanterns, and kept their beds next to wood-burning stoves and fireplaces for heat.
Many younger people were obsessed about losing connection to the outside world.
"The phones die, and there's no Wifi and you can't do anything and I've got homework and I've got stuff to do and it's all delayed," one boy complained.
Members of Northeastern University's women's basketball team cheered after they left the heated comforts of their bus to push it through a snow-covered street at St. Joseph's College in Philadelphia.
Others had little to cheer about. Heavy snow left many motorists and commuters stranded.

The Port Authority suspended New Jersey bus services, and trains were cancelled or delayed.
One stranded commuter said, he'd "never seen anything like this before, so I have no idea what to do."
The airport in Newark, NJ was shut down for over an hour, and nearly 3,000 flights were cancelled while 1,700 others were delayed nationwide because of the storm.  

Despite all the headaches and hardships, some in Philadelphia had a brighter outlook, making the best of it, enjoying another day off from work or school.
One woman said it was the "kind of day where you want to stay home and binge Netflix and do nothing. "
A little Philadelphia girl said she loved "making snowmen and playing in the snow."

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