Beltway Buzz

Debate over how to express frustration over injustice surfaced again when 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick chose to sit while the national anthem played. Pastor Maina Mwaura talks about how Christians can be part of the solution.
It's hard to imagine, but 202 years ago today the White House was in flames. Jane Hampton Cook tells the story in her new book, "The Burning of the White House" available now.
President Barack Obama met with flood victims in Louisiana Tuesday. Some say it's too little too late.
Outsider conservative candidate for president Evan McMullin says he's the clear choice for evangelical voters.
The Dept. of Justice is phasing out its relationship with private prisons that don't meet the same level of resources for inmates and have poor track records when it comes to security and public safety.
President Barack Obama says the delivery of $400 million to Iran in January wasn't payment for the release of four American prisoners.