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Tempers are still boiling after a Georgia congressman insinuated fellow Republicans sinned for supporting an anti-discrimination measure designed to protect lesbians, gays, and transgender people.
If there's one political topic that doesn't seem to be driving a wedge between Americans in this heated election cycle, it's criminal justice reform. The issue has received attention from the president, federal lawmakers, and even beyond the Beltway with state policymakers and influencers. Today, another voice joins the chorus of those advocating for change.
An in-depth look at President Obama's "guidance" to America's public schools about their bathrooms.
For 65 years, America has observed The National Day of Prayer. But at a time of heightened crisis and chaos, with wars, economic uncertainty, and perhaps the most consequential election in modern history six months away, prayer is needed now more than ever.
Many Americans wonder if prayer is dead in the nation's capitol. The two co-chairmen of the Congressional Prayer Caucus released a video in advance of the National Day of Prayer to assure you that some of the nation's most prominent decision makers are humbling themselves before the Lord
During his trip to the Vatican where he met with Pope Francis, Vice President Joe Biden addressed the persecution of Christians and other religious minority groups in the Middle East. Yet the official White House readout did not mention the word "genocide," which until last month the Obama administration had refused to include in its lexicon to describe the atrocities committed by ISIS.