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Pastor Robert Jeffress, one of President Trump's most ardent evangelical supporters told CBN's Faith Nation today that white supremacy and neo-Nazism are "repulsive and totally contradictory to the teaching of God." He also says that racism comes in all colors and that, "if we are going to denounce some racism we need to denounce all racism."
Sometimes you've got to stop evil. It's biblical. In North Korea, it's pretty clear that their dictator is downright evil. So tonight, Pastor Robert Jeffress, a longtime evangelical backer of Donald Trump, just released a statement saying the president has the moral authority to take out Kim Jong Un.
The Brody File has learned that Vice President Mike Pence will appear at a faith leaders breakfast with GOP gubernatorial candidate Ed Gillespie in Richmond Virginia August 19th.
I'm reporting from The White House today as John F. Kelly offcially becomes Chief of Staff. Watch my analysis.  
It really is no surprise that as Jared Kushner entered into the “Russian Fever” limelight this week, he received plenty of, “evangelical love” from top Christian leaders. More on that in a moment. Kushner played a key role, along with Paula White in helping the Trump campaign bring in many key evangelical leaders. That relationship has been critical to evangelicals having a seat at the table inside the White House. Kushner, an orthodox Jew is key to it all.  I love how God works. Leave it to the God of the Universe to take a, “nice Jewish boy” from Livingston New Jersey and use him as a key conduit for evangelicals.  What favor!
Watch my analysis on the situation with North Korea along with what U.S. Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley told me recently about their leader, Kim Jong-un. Mandatory Courtesy: CBN News/The Brody File