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Occult Priestess Turned Christ Follower Celebrates her 108th Birthday with Her 107 Children


Madam Comfort Adwoa Okorewah, a former Ghanaian fetish priestess, celebrated her 108th birthday surrounded by all 107 of her children.

Okorewah has 10 immediate children, 50 grandchildren, and 47 great grandchildren. While that alone is remarkable, her journey towards faith in Christ is even more amazing.  

Okorewah served as a fetish priestess from age 13 to 88 before coming to Christ. In West Africa, a fetish priest or priestess is someone who serves as a mediator between the spirit and the living. They perform rituals to worship and appease spirits.

According to Buzz Ghana, Okorewah abandoned her rituals and witchcraft after encountering the Holy Spirit in a dream. She says the Holy Spirit told her she must give her life over to Christ if she wants to be saved. 

Okorewah was obedient and has since devoted her life and her family to the Lord. 

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