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Ken Ham Shares the Gospel with Bill Nye 'The Science Guy' During Ark Visit


Answers in Genesis President Ken Ham says he shared the Gospel with Bill Nye Friday during the Ark Encounter tour.

Nye, accompanied by a crew filming a scientific documentary, said the ark replica amounts to "brainwashing" a new generation, The Washington Post reports.

"This could be just a charming piece of Americana, just something—I recently used an app called Roadtrippers that takes you to odd or unusual places…but this is much more serious than that," Nye said. "This guy promotes so very strongly that climate change is not a serious problem, that humans are not causing it, that some deity will see to it that everything is okay."

Ham, on the other hand, thought the visit went well. 

"Bill challenged me about the content of many of our exhibits, and I challenged him about what he claimed and what he believed," Ham posted on his Facebook page.

"I had opportunity to share the Gospel with Bill a number of times as we strolled through the Ark," he continued.

"As we ended our walk through the 1st deck in front of life-size models of Noah and his family who were depicted praying, I asked Bill if he would mind if I prayed, and if I could I pray for him," he wrote. "He said I could do whatever I want as he couldn't stop me. So while a large group of people were gathered around, I publicly prayed for Bill."

"Ultimately, this is the heart of the issue—we have two different worldviews and two different interpretations of the same evidence because of our different starting points," Ham writes in a blog post on the Answers in Genesis website. 

Ham concluded his post saying, "I never expected it would turn into a two-hour debate—but sometimes those spontaneous happenings can be very fruitful and exciting."

"Let's all pray for Bill Nye," he said.

To read more about the Ark Encounter, visit their website.

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