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Chris Pratt, Anna Faris Announce Separation: ‘We Tried Hard for a Long Time’


When it comes to relationships, fame is an equal opportunity destroyer.

Virtually no one is immune, but Chris Pratt and Anna Faris really did seem different. This marriage actually did look and feel like it was built to last. So, this announcement from Pratt late Sunday night on his Facebook page was indeed shocking:

Pratt has been open about his faith, and Faithwire has covered his public comments and charitable efforts. His conversion story is quite remarkable, too. Pratt even once scolded an obnoxious cameraman for wearing a cross around his neck and behaving the way he was.

“You’re real rude, man. You should be nicer. You got a cross on your chest and you’re cussing me out? I just made you guys a bunch of money right now. Come on man, don’t be a jerk,” Pratt told the photog.

The pair have been married for 8 years and have a young son named Jack.

Prayers for their privacy to actually be respected in the aftermath of this difficult news.

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