A Voice for the Voiceless: Pro-life Film Highlights Power of the Average Person

"Voiceless" film
"Voiceless" film

WASHINGTON -- "Voiceless," a new pro-life film, debuted Tuesday on DVD. 

The film tells the story of Jesse Dean, a war veteran turned community outreach leader who puts his life on the line to stand up against an abortion clinic near his church. 

"'Voiceless' is about him and how he handles that issue and at the same time how he lays down his life and really puts everything on the line to take a stand," explained "Voiceless" director, writer and producer Pat Necerato. 

Dean takes that stand in hopes of shutting down the abortion clinic, which could get him fired or even land him in jail. 

"Every Christian can make a difference for God in standing up and representing life," said Stuart Migdon, executive producer of "Voiceless." 

The film debuted on DVD Tuesday and even though the country remains divided on this issue, producers hope it makes a difference. 

"I think whether you are pro-life or pro-choice or pro-Trump or anti-Trump, I think you can watch 'Voiceless' and have an appreciation for what the main character is going through," Necerato said. 

"We can not only make abortion illegal, but we can make it unthinking and that's the message of 'Voiceless,'" Migdon added. 

One scene from the movie summed up that message up perfectly: "Isn't it our responsibility to protect these children regardless of the consequences?" Dean asks. "This is about being a voice for the voiceless."

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