That's Mine! Protect Your Identity This Christmas


It's the perfect time of year to bless your loved ones with gifts to celebrate the Christmas spirit, but because we are busier and more distracted, it's also the perfect time of year for identity thieves.

In 2012, the Federal Trade Commission recieved more than 360,000 identity theft complaints. The FTC also reported that 2013 was the 14th year in a row that identity theft was their number one complaint.

But you can protect yourself.

"While the opportunity for identity fraud is present during the holiday shopping season, there are effective steps that consumers can take to avoid a cyber-pickpocket. Consumers are capable of protecting their financial information by following a few simple guidelines," President of Consumer Policy Solutions Debra Berlyn wrote in an op-ed.

What are a couple of things consumers should keep in mind while shopping this season? President of Consumer Policy Solutions, Debra Berlyn, shared her insight and tips on how to protect your identity with CBN News.

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