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Study: Stock Markets Favor Clinton Victory


A majority of Americans expect the election to significantly impact the economy according to a new survey. This expectation is affecting their financial decisions, from investing to making purchases.

According to the fluctuations of the stock market, a more volatile economy is predicted under a Donald Trump presidency.

"As the odds of a Clinton victory rose, at least as recorded in the polls, we saw the market rally, and if the odds of a Clinton victory receded, we saw the market retreat," said Joel Prakken, co-founder of Macroeconomic Advisers.

Experts admit this may seem odd, seeing as the Republican nominee is a businessman.

Prakken suspects the negative response from the markets to a Trump presidency has to do with the changes he would likely bring, as opposed to Clinton who would take more of a stay-the-course posture.

BlackRock President Robert Kapito warns against making decisions based on the uncertainty of a single season.

"Good investment decision-making hinges on recognizing that short-term events often do not dramatically alter the long-term trends that truly determine an investor's ability to achieve long-term goals," he said.

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