Global Lane

Two weeks after the 7.8 Earthquake struck Ecuador, a 72-year old man was rescued, pulled from the rubble of a collapsed building. CBN is on location providing stoves and propane gas to Ecuadorians who have been without electricity since April 16.
Author Tom Doyle shares compelling stories about Middle East Christians, now facing genocide in areas where it's not safe to believe in Christ.He discusses how they've suffered and survived at the hands of Islamic extremists.
Pastor Irani has suffered inside an Islamic Republic prison cell since May 2011. He's experienced bleeding and repeated stomach and intestinal issues during his imprisonment, and he even underwent surgery in February 2014.
When the late Sabina Wurmbrand (co-founder of today's The Voice of the Martyrs) was told about the persecution of Christians in Sudan, she replied with one word: "Tears."
As President Obama worked to imrpove relations with Cuba and Argentina, some members of Latin American parliaments went on record against boycotts and in support of Israel. Some of the MP's are from countries that have been somewhat unfriendly (if not hostile) in recent years toward the Jewish state..
Last November it was Paris. One month later it happened in San Bernardino. Today Islamic terrorists struck again, this time near the European Parliament in Brussels.