Global Lane

Project Veritas releases new undercover video revealing Anti-Fascist Coalition plot to commit violent acts to disrupt Trump inaugural. Non-violent protests are nothing new to presidential inauguration celebrations.
International Christian Concern releases its annual Wall of Shame of Christian persecutors. New to this year's list--of all countries--is the United States! 
When acts of Islamic terror occur, few Muslim leaders are heard denouncing the murder of innocents. Just released Memri video in aftermath of Istanbul nightclub terror shows Saudi Muslim leader, sheik Abd Al-Aziz Moussa denouncing the murder of innocents. Says forbidden-haram whether in Riyadh or Tel Aviv. 
It's another difficult Christmas of hardship for many Middle East Christians and others this year.
As winter sets in, displaced Iraqis fleeing Mosul need help. CBN is providing food and other relief for some.
6-months after Russia extended a controversial religion law, a prominent Russian pastor says the country's Christians can live with the law. Pastor Sergey Lavrenov details the law and discusses who is being targeted and why.