Global Lane

Pastor Richard Wurmbrand passed from this world 15 years ago this month. Although he died before I was able to meet him, I had the privilege of working for the ministry that he founded--The Voice of the Martyrs, a mission to the persecuted church which was originally called Jesus to the Communist World.
  China Foreign Ministry Spokesman Lu Kang The Chinese government insists what happens in China--or in this case, Hong Kong--stays in China. A government spokesman says the actions China takes--even in violation of international law are none of your business.
Photo Courtesy: China Christian Daily The Chinese government has a Gu problem and it thinks it can slow the growth of Christianity by removing the irritant. Gu is Joseph (Yuese) Gu, the Senior Pastor of Chongyi Church, China's first mega-church. It's a government, Three Self Patriotic Movement (TSPM) church located in Hangzhou, the capital city of Zhejiang Province.
You're considered "un-Islamic" in Pakistan if you don't allow young girls to marry. Once again, efforts have failed to prevent girls younger than 18 from walking down the aisle and saying their "I do's."
The Syrian war is claiming more victims, but this time it's not just from bombs dropped by Russian or Syrian government planes. Syrian children and others are starving to death just 40-miles from Beirut, in the city of Madaya. 
One year ago the world united and declared "Je suis Charlie!" following the terrorist attacks in Paris.