Global Lane

CBN News Latin America Producer Javier Bolanos--from Rio--provides an Olympics preview of the country of Brazil and its problems.
The United Nations says since July 7, 26,000 people (mostly Christians and animists) have fled fighting in South Sudan. They're now living as refugees in northern Uganda.
Melania Trump's speech writer apologizes for lifting some lines from a Michel Obama speech. The American media goes crazy with nearly non-stop coverage. Less so when presidential candidate Barack Obama did the same.
07-15-2016 government officials seize tithes from churches in Gui Zhou Province and another in Guang Zhou. China Aid's Bob Fu says another act in the worst crackdown against China's Christians since Mao's Cultural Revolution. 
More on Asia Bibi imprisonment, blasphemy case in Pakistan. The treatment of Christians in Pakistan is similar to African Americans during the U.S. civil rights struggle. There are few men of courage in Pakistan today willing to risk their lives to free Asia Bibi and Pakistan from the country's antiquated blasphemy law. One Pakistani helping Asia's family tells what he hopes will be accomplished by the U.N. and God.
Iranian Islamic scholar Dr. Farrokh Skaleshfar visited Orlando area Islamic center just weeks before Orlando nightclub massacre. He teaches the Islamic view of killing homosexuals if they don't repent.