Global Lane

A trial has begun in Khartoum for three Sudan pastors and a Czech humanitarian charged with conducting intelligence activities and providing material support for anti-government rebels in Sudan's Nuba Mountains.
ISIS has kidnapped thousands of young boys and is now using them as suicide bombers throughout the region. Western countries may be next.
Many Iraqi Christian refugees we have met during the past two years say even if the city of Mosul and their villages are liberated from ISIS tomorrow, they cannot and will not return home.
At the DNC convention, Khizr Khan, the Muslim father of a killed Iraq War veteran criticized Donald Trump's lack of support for principles of the Constitution, although he himself supports Islamic sharia law over "Western law."
India is the world's largest democracy, yet it is still one of the most dangerous places for those who share the Gospel message. And it isn't just militant Hindus and Sikhs who persecute evangelists and Christian converts.
CBN News Latin America Producer Javier Bolanos--from Rio--provides an Olympics preview of the country of Brazil and its problems.