Kirk Cameron Announces Exciting Plan to Revive Your Marriage and Transform Culture


Actor Kirk Cameron and his wife, Chelsea, are hoping to help people “lay a good foundation to their marriage and family,” with the couple announcing the release of an innovative, online marriage and family course.

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Cameron told Faithwire that the couple, who have been married for 25 years and have six kids together, want to see the new course, titled, “The Heart of Family: Six Weeks to a Happier Home and a Healthier Family,” encourage people to work toward healthier home and family lives.

“Nobody wants to fail at family. Chelsea says that over and over … and we don’t want to lose our joy,” Cameron said. “We want to get this right. We have only one shot at raising our kids and living out a godly marriage.”

And while he and Chelsea believe that “no one does it perfectly,” they want to help people move in the right direction, launching the new course, which premieres on Aug. 21, in an effort to steer families on the right path.

“The Heart of Family” marks the couple’s first collaboration, with Cameron explaining that he and his wife have high hopes for the familial and personal transformation that the course holds the power to bring.

“Chelsea and I have been focusing on marriage and parenting for 26 years now, which is like 260 in Hollywood years,” he quipped. “Our culture so badly needs strong marriages and families. It’s the DNA of a healthy country and a healthy world.”

Cameron said that he and Chelsea have learned a lot of lessons over the years and they’re hoping to translate these marital and parenting tidbits and share them through “The Heart of Family.”

“We know how hard marriage is. We know what a struggle it is to raise kids … and have them come out with a strong faith and a love for each other and virtue and character.”

The course, which can be taken at participants’ own pace, explores a plethora of issues, including the nature of marriage, God’s role in matrimony, forgiveness, finding joy amid the chaos, parenting kids “by design, not by default” and other related issues.

“If joy is our strength and someone steals our joy, we’re dead in the water,” Cameron said. “And the best we can hope to do is keep your head above water.”

The actor said he’s hoping people walk away from “The Heart of Family” by recognizing the “two things that hold our nation together” — healthy families and a strong faith in God.

“Those are the lifelines to a healthy country and so we can’t afford to have failing families and we can’t afford to have faithless Americans,” he said. “So, we hope that “The Heart of Family” will both revive marriages and homes but it will also reinvigorate peoples’ faith.”

It is through remedying these two arenas that Cameron believes parents and children can help transform communities, churches and “ultimately their nation.”

People interested in the series can purchase it here — and if they do so this week there is a 20 percent discount as well as a welcome video that can be viewed immediately.


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