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This Week:  How to Keep Your New Year's Resolutions, Turn Back Time on Your Age, and Improve Your Health


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This week on CBN News Showcase, one of the most common things people do at the start of the New Year is to make resolutions.  To start good habits and end bad ones, but how can we do this?  
CBN's Gordon Robertson gives us an in-depth look at how to accomplish all of your resolutions this year, creating the good and getting rid of the bad.
Also, it's a fact we're all growing older.  However, there are dozens of things you can do right now as 2018 begins to turn back the clock - even decades - on your age.
Plus, one of the biggest things you can do this year almost to change you turn things around with your health once and for all.  Find out about the evidence that consuming lots of sugar is deadly and addictive and how giving it up can change the quality of your life.

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