Doctors Gave Up on Her Son, But She Kept Praying...


A Texas mother and son are giving all the glory to God for the young man's miraculous recovery.

In May, 17-year-old Cory Almanza was critically injured in a car accident that would have killed most people. His mother, Ruby Flores, remembers getting the call that every parents dreads.

"Just love your kids as much as you can, while you can, because you never know what tomorrow brings," she said.

She even recalls realizing she might be saying goodbye to her beloved son.

"When we arrived at the hospital he wasn't responding," she said. "And they took me straight back to the room to see him because they didn't know what was going to happen next."

Almanza prayed for God to spare her son's life. As it turned out, Cory did survive. But he was in a coma, he could not communicate at all.

"We were in the hospital for, like, a month and a half, and he was in a coma the whole time. He didn't respond," Flores said. "No parent wants to see their children hurt, especially in that situation."

Finally the doctors said there was nothing more they could do for Cory, so they sent him home, still in a coma. Flores never stopped praying for her son's recovery.

Then came the miracle. Cory finally came out of his coma.

"We were just sitting there talking to him. We always do. And he just kept following our voices, looking at me and his sister talking." He was just following us, and it was amazing. And I was just, 'Thank you, Jesus! Thank you, Jesus! Thank you, Jesus!' That's all I could say," his mother recalled.

Since that time, Cory has improved dramatically. His mother said Cory can be used by God to encourage others.

"He can talk and express himself, let everybody know what he's been through and how the Lord has blessed him," she said. "He can be an inspiration to others that are in his situation, not to give up, but just keep fighting."

Cory is still at home recovering. He's not the same young man he was before the accident, but he's getting stronger every day.

He especially wishes he could re-join his high school football team as they prepare for the upcoming season. His mother recalled a visit from a few of his teammates.

"His friend told him two-a-days were starting," she said. "And he said, 'I want to go! I want to go! And he said 'No you don't, it's hot!"

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