Mental, Developmental Disabilities in Kids on the Rise


Mental and developmental disabilities are on the rise among children in the United States, but physical disabilities for problems like asthma are on the decline.

Those results come from a 10-year study published Monday in the online journal Pediatrics. 

The biggest increase in disabilities came from children from wealthy families, which saw a 28 percent rise compared to a 16 percent increase overall.

The trend was fueled by a spike in attention problems, speech problems, and developmental disorders like autism.

Dr. Kenneth Norwood, a developmental pediatrician in Charlottesville, Virginia, said the developmental disability increases echo what he sees in his medical practice, according to The Blaze (Italics).

"I'm routinely backed up six months for new patients," said Norwood, chairman of the American Academy of Pediatrics' Council on Children with Disabilities.

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