Ken Ham Takes on 'Science Guy' in Creation Debate


The most popular TV science educator and the leading advocate for creationism squared off for a debate Tuesday night.

The Creation Museum in Kentucky hosted the spirited discussion between Bill Nye the "Science Guy" and founder Ken Ham on the topic of evolution versus creationism.

Ham argued that the Bible tells the factual account of the beginning of the universe and the creation of humans.

Nye said he and the rest of the scientific community believe a big bang created the earth billions of years ago and people have evolved over time.

The event attracted attention from people in both the science and faith circles.

Brandon Wombold, a pastor from Arcanum, Ohio, said, "the Bible is self-proclaiming."

"It claims that the only person who would have known what happened wrote that book. God wrote 66 books and He delivered that to us. We can count on everything He says to be absolutely true," he added.

The Creation Museum said visitors from 29 states bought seats for the debate, which sold out within minutes of announcing the event.

Watch the entire debate:

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