No Sugar-Coating: WHO Cuts Intake to Half


The World Health Organization wants people to drastically reduce their consumption of sugar.

The WHO's expert panel is recommending a daily sugar intake of just 5 percent of total daily calories, just half of what the agency previously suggested.

Five percent is equivalent to around 25 grams (around 6 teaspoons) of sugar per day for an average adult. That daily allowance includes sugars added into foods, along with honey, syrup, and fruit juices.

''I brought here some examples of food that has a high content of free sugar. You see, this is an average soft drink, it's a soda, and an average serving contains up to 35, this particular one contains 35 grams of sugar, so its equivalent of 35 grams of sucrose," Dr. Francesco Branca, WHO's director for nutrition, said during a news conference.

The panel said cutting back on sugar would help to fight cavities and obesity, which has ties to numerous other diseases, like diabetes, heart problems, and more.

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