'Wearable Tech' Tracks Fitness, Personal Info


Computers in all kinds of clothing - from shoes to belts to headgear, along with watches and eyeglasses - will be able to help you communicate with and keep track of other people.

It's called "wearable technology" and it's a fast-growing industry.

The new inventions can also help you stay healthy.

"Information that is collected from your fitness tracker can give you so much more. It can provide real health insight, your biological age, different risks of health conditions," co-founder and CEO Vera Kozyrgero explained.

But some technology analysts worry about privacy concerns, considering all of the personal information that wearable computers will collect.

"How it's being used? Where it's being stored? Is it being stored outside the U.S.? What are we doing? Are we selling it to advertisers? Are you guys sharing it with my employer to know about my health? So I think that the vendors have to be very transparent," Wearable Technology Consultant Julien Blin said.

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