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Israel's Air Force Chief Warns of 'Sudden' War


JERUSALEM, Israel -- Israel could be in for a surprise war, Israel's air force chief Maj.-Gen. Amir Eshel warned.

Eshel's comments come as tensions are increasing along the Israeli-Syrian border.

Eshel says the threat of a sudden war erupting on multiple fronts is much more relevant today.

Syria has invested in the "best air defenses it could buy," Israel's air force chief said on Wednesday. That could embolden Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to do things he might not have done in the past.

And if the regime collapses tomorrow, those weapons could be dispersed and pointed at Israel, he said, which means a surprise war could take many forms.

Eshel is just one of the latest Israeli military leaders warning of the possibility of a sudden or multi-front war.

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