Spice 250 Bombs: Israel's 'Secret' Weapon


JERUSALEM, Israel -- The Israel Defense Forces is one of the most technically advanced militaries in the world, a major accomplishment for a country that was established just 66 years ago.
The IDF takes pride in placing a high priority on ethics and morality and has always striven to minimize civilian casualties while combatting enemies that put noticeably less value on human life.
For example, Hamas in the Gaza Strip and Hezbollah in Lebanon purposely place weapons warehouses and build explosive labs and rocket launch sites in residential areas, often in the buildings themselves. Civilians are frequently used as human shields.
In addition, Hamas proudly posts footage of its terror training camps for teenagers. The Islamist group recently announced that 13,000 youngsters graduated from this year's course.
Numbers of terror groups teach children, boys and girls alike, to aspire to martyrdom. Much like the kamikaze pilots of World War II, these youngsters learn that acts of terror against non-Muslims, such as Jews and Christians, are acceptable and praiseworthy.
Surrounded by predominantly Muslim countries most of which shun diplomatic relations with the Jewish state, Israeli industries have developed weapons systems that will get the job done with the least collateral damage to innocent civilians.
One of the newer additions is the Spice 250 glide bomb, manufactured by Rafael Industries Israel. This weapon, with its pinpoint accuracy, allows Israeli pilots to target terrorists while staying out of harm's way and minimizing civilian casualties as much as possible.

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