Video Shows Hamas Using Tunnels to Ambush IDF


JERUSALEM, Israel - Israel continued its military campaign Wednesday to stop Hamas from firing rockets and eradicate a maze of terror tunnels. 

Terrorists have infiltrated Israel six times through those tunnels in the last two weeks.

In fact, a disturbing new video from Hamas shows several terrorists using a tunnel to ambush Israeli soldiers.

The video was released by Al Aqsa TV, a broadcaster in Gaza affiliated with Hamas. It shows the terrorists coming out of the tunnel into Israel, and then sneaking up on an Israeli military outpost.

CBN News can not verify the date or location of the video, but the Israeli military did report Hamas had infiltrated Israeli territory near a communal farm and killed five soldiers on guard nearby.

The video becomes graphic and shows the Hamas militants shooting Israelis. CBN News has made the decision not to show that material in the video provided above.

But it gives an idea of the threat Israel is still facing despite three weeks of fighting, and why the Israeli military is still working to destroy the sophisticated network of tunnels.

"The activities on the ground are continuing to sever those tunnels that are planned and operational in order to infiltrate inside Israel. We are destroying them.  We've destroyed approximately 60 percent of what we've found," IDF spokesman Lt. Col. Peter Lerner said.
The army's campaign goes on against a backdrop of widespread backing at home, with both Israelis and Israel's security cabinet overwhelmingly supporting the war. 

One survey found more than 90 percent of Israelis feel the war is justified. 

And the security cabinet made up from members spanning Israel's political spectrum keeps voting to expand the military campaign to gain a decisive victory over Hamas.   

Meanwhile in Gaza, Hamas remains defiant. 

"The steadfastness of the Palestinian people is what will bring victory on the battlefield. The enemy is sending its soldiers to certain disaster," Mohammad Dief, the head of Hamas' military, said.

Former Israeli Ambassador to the U.S. Michael Oren says he believes people in the U.S. need to know the true nature of Hamas. 

"They have to be reminded that Hamas in terms of its ideology and its theology is not different than al Qaeda. It's no different than ISIS or the Nusra front," Oren told CBN News.

"These are all radical Islamic groups that seek to create a unified caliphate to rid the Middle East of Christians and of Jews," he explained. "Christians have suffered terribly from these organizations.

Oren warns the fight Israel is in is the same fight facing the United States.

"And that fight is going on in Gaza - basically an hour and a half drive south of here is the fight for our civilization, not just for Israel," he said.

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