Egypt Cracking Down on Terrorist Groups


JERUSALEM, Israel -- With presidential elections a little over a month away, Egypt's interim government continues its crackdown on Hamas, investigating thousands of people who became Egyptian citizens during ousted President Mohammed Morsi's year in office.

The government reportedly intends to revoke citizenship of nearly 14,000 Hamas-affiliated Palestinian Arabs, with Egyptian security forces saying many have taken part in terror attacks.  

Hamas is the Palestinian wing of the Islamic Muslim Brotherhood, which experts say is the mother of most modern terrorist groups.  Morsi was part of the Muslim Brotherhood.

On Tuesday, an Egyptian court banned all Hamas activities, stopping short of labeling it a terror group and ordered all Hamas offices closed, the Jerusalem Post reported.

By effectively making terrorism illegal, the government's crackdown on Hamas is similar to its handling of the Muslim Brotherhood.

It's all taking place as Egyptians get ready to elect a new president this spring, with former defense minister and army chief Gen. Fattah el-Sisi appearing to lead by a widespread majority.

Sisi says he wants to get the country back on its feet, bolster the economy, get tourism back up and running and improve life for its people.

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