Official Criticized for Calling Jewish Blood 'Precious'


Angry Palestinians are waging a smear campaign against one of their own after a government minister called Jewish blood "precious," according to a Gatestone Institute report.

The minister was referring to the shooting death of a Jewish policeman in front of his family last week before Passover.

"We reject all forms of violence, whether they be directed against Israelis or Palestinians," Palestinian Religious Affairs Minister Mahmoud Al Habbash said. "Palestinians blood is like Israel blood. It is human blood and precious and no one wants anyone killed."

Al Habbash's family disowned him, one militant group demanded an apology, and the Palestinian Authority has not condemned the attack.

The Jewish policeman, his wife, and 9-year-old son were driving in an area on the outskirts of Hebron on the way to a Passover seder. He was killed. His wife and son were wounded.

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