Israel Foils Hamas Plot to Overthrow Pal. Authority


JERUSALEM, Israel -- The Shin Bet (Israel Security Service) says it's foiled a major Hamas plot to attack Israel and overthrow the Palestinian Authority.

Shin Bet agents arrested 93 Hamas operatives and confiscated dozens of weapons in Judea and Samaria (the West Bank).

On Monday, the Shin Bet presented evidence that Hamas planned a series of massive terror strikes against Israelis, including at the Temple Mount in Jerusalem's Old City, that would launch a third intifada (armed Palestinian uprising).

Part of the plan was a coup to oust Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas.

Hamas set up terror cells in P.A.-controlled cities throughout Judea and Samaria from headquarters in Turkey, recruiting engineers and chemistry students.

Security officials say they got word of the plan when they arrested hundreds of Hamas members during Operation Brother's Keeper to hunt down the terrorists who kidnapped and murdered three Israeli teenagers in June.

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