Israelis Call for End to Gaza Rocket Attacks


JERUSALEM, Israel -- Tens of thousands of Israelis from all over the country gathered in Tel Aviv's Rabin Square on Thursday evening calling for an end to all rocket fire on southern Israel. 

The rally took place as a shaky ceasefire, which halted the month-long fighting between Hamas and Israel, seemed to be holding on Friday. 

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told regional council heads from the south that even a "drizzle" of rockets from Gaza was too much.

"Our policy is clear and consistent -- even to a drizzle we [will] respond forcefully," Netanyahu said. "We launched this campaign to strengthen the security of all Israeli citizens in general and yours in particular."

During the IDF's Operation Protective Edge, Hamas launched rockets that hit deeper into Israel than ever before, including Tel Aviv and further north, as well as the Jerusalem area, putting some three-quarters of the Israeli population under threat from rocket fire.

Ironically, it had the effect of uniting the country and solidifying support for residents of the south like never before.

Many Israelis now want to see their government to do what it takes to put a permanent end to Hamas attacks from Gaza, which have plagued more than a million Israelis for 14 years. 

At the Tel Aviv rally, signs read "Even one rocket is too many," and called for Israel to "Conquer Gaza now."

Many teenagers who have grown up running for shelter when they hear the Color Red siren attended the rally. Some are calling them the "Kassam generation" -- after the rockets. 

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