Israel to Reporters: Support Terrorists or Democracy


JERUSALEM, Israel -- Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told foreign journalists Wednesday evening the world is in a testing period.

The issue at stake is whether or not they will allow a terrorist organization to operate with impunity within a civilian population while at the same time blaming a democracy for defending itself.

"This is the issue that stands not only before the international community today regarding Israel; it stands before the international community with a wave of radical terrorists that are now seizing vast cities, civilian population, and doing exactly the tactic that Hamas is doing," Netanyahu said.

"That's exactly what ISIL [Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant] is doing, what Hezbollah is doing, what Boko Haram is doing," he continued. "What Hamas is doing is what al Qaeda is doing."

"And the test now is not merely for the international community's attitude toward Israel, an embattled democracy using legitimate means against these double war crimes of targeting civilians and hiding behind civilians, the test is for the civilized world itself, how it is able to defend itself," he said.

Netanyahu said if the world does not hold Hamas accountable, there will be many more civilian casualties around the world.

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