IDF Maintaining 'Operational Readiness' on Northern Border


JERUSALEM, Israel -- IDF Chief of Staff Lt.-Gen. Benny Gantz said Israel is honing its operations along the northern border in response to the anarchy raging in Syria's civil war.

On Sunday, Gantz talked about the IDF's newest division to be deployed on the border with Syria.

"A storm is brewing underneath the seeming quiet, night and day and on every front," the army chief told reporters touring the Golan Heights with him. "[It's a] tragic event with hundreds of civilians being killed every week simply for being Syrian citizens."

Gantz said Israel does whatever it can to extend humanitarian aid, "while remaining vigilant and prepared."

He said Iran continues to support Syrian President Bashar Assad with weapons and funding and has sent hundreds of Iranian fighters to back Assad's troops.

"There is no front where Iran is not involved handing out torches to pyromaniacs, with munitions and rockets," Gantz said, calling the situation on the northern border "quiet but tense."

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