'Indivisible' Film Tackles Crusade to Destroy Israel


ARIEL, Israel -- Does the modern State of Israel have a right to the land on which it exists? Do the Palestinians? A new documentary tackles those questions and the longest-running conflict in the Middle East.

"Israel Indivisible: A Case for the Ancient Homeland" highlights Israel's latest challenge.

"Today the world media has joined the Islamic campaign to extinguish Jewish history as part of their effort to delegitimize and destroy the Jewish state," producer Laurie Cardozza Moore told CBN News.
The film lays out a compelling and comprehensive case for Israel's right to the land.

"The evidence for Israel is overwhelming," Cardoza continued. "From archeological science to historical record to biblical scriptures to political resolutions and laws, there should be no dispute to the rights of the Jewish people to all the land the Roman Empire called Palestine."

The producers chose to premier the film in a symbolic site -- Ariel, the center of Israel's biblical heartland. At the premier, the film's producers shared what motivated them.

"The goal is to educate Christians to bring this message because this message is being distorted, and there are lies being propagated about Israel and this whole Middle East conflict," Moore explained.

"I feel what we're doing at PJTN is just coming alongside God's biblical narrative and telling a story that nobody seems to want to tell and then using the film, using the program, to mobilize Christians to action to stand with our Jewish brethren."

Many Jews believe disinformation is one of the main weapons used against the Jewish state.

"The first step in -- God forbid -- the physical destruction of the State of Israel is the intellectual destruction undermining the whole reason for being of the Jewish state of legitimacy," Rabbi Ken Spiro said.

The film unmasks some common misconceptions in this disinformation campaign, such as the term, "West Bank."

"Why is it called the West Bank?" filmmaker Stan Moore asks. "It's called the West Bank because when Jordan, basically in 1948, when they took it over they called it the West Bank of their country, the West Bank of the Jordan River. They named it the West Bank. You know for centuries, forever, it's [this area] been called Judea and Samaria."
Many see the film as a tool to give Israel's supporters the facts they need in this battle.

"And if they don't have the facts at hand, they become apologetic. The minute they become apologetic, they lose the argument," Dr. Shmuel Katz explained. "They need to be knowledgeable.  Once they are knowledgeable, they can stand up for what's right."
Rabbi Spiro sees the information as the first line of defense not only for Israel, but also for the West.

"It's not only threatening Israel. [It's threatening] the whole foundation of Western civilization," he warned.  "So movies like this -- that present information and facts -- are the most basic and powerful tool we have. Not just the case for Israel, but for the case for truth."

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